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We are a Information Technology company focused on providing cutting edge, highly secure, services to our clientele.  While we don't have any active openings, we're always open to adding highly talented individuals to our team. ​We strive to provide the best IT services in the industry. If you are a  passionate IT individual who shares our vision, feel free to contacts us and share your resume.

We are also looking to partner with other entities to supplement our portfolio of services, or to augment some of our services from time to time.  These outside partnerships could flourish into full-time employment depending on the skillset and performance.

Check below for our current needs/openings.

We are looking for a company or individua; we can partner with as a sub-contractor for installation of low voltage cabling.  Cabling will include: category 5/6, fiber optics, and wiring for door controls.  We will supply the materials and specifications for the job.  References and/or documentation on prior work required.  

We are looking for a company or individual to partner with for website design.  We are looking for design services only.  We will provide the DNS and hosting services.  Hosting can be via our cPanel hosting product, or via our WiX reseller platform.  Will need to see a portfolio of completed products to be considered.


Low Voltage Cable Installers


Website Developers
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